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Hi, I’m András Mohos and I’ve been worked in professional photography and have been created images more than 15 years. I strive to deal with my current work with humility, and effect my creative ideas. I try to avoid the usual settings and want to give new meaning to a typical, standard issue. In my opinion, every person, every creature is a separate universe, and the photographer responsible to show it’s real depth, and entity through the lens of the camera …

My portfolio is diversified. I made advertising and mood images; I created interior-, HDR photos and panorama pictures has several famous Budapest Spa and health club; I worked as werk photographer of Hungarian musicians clips; I photographed dancers; and of course the repertoire wedding-, child and family photo shooting can not be left out.

We can provide complex services in the wedding photography and even complex services with our photographer-, video-, stylist- and graphic designer team to the wedding preparation is no longer a nightmare, but exciting, joyful anticipation.

As father of four children, the children’s photography and capture of the mischievous moments, the inimitable depiction of childlike emotions almost daily “routine” for me. 🙂 Children and families taking pictures truly rewarding!

Today has been working countless creative photographer / graphic, and the people’s demand grew, it changed regarding to photography and photographers connection services. The technology is developing rapidly, and more and more, increasingly sophisticated tool technology at our disposal. I try to always move with the times, and the necessary creativity combined with professional equipment.

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If you want specific photos for your business; If you want your photos give back the atmosphere of your business; If you want advertise, promote your products adjusting to their own unique way and to your facial ; or simply want a good photo of yourself or your evenent, you’re at the right place. Do not hesitate, let’s talk!